Preprint Journal Club

We are excited to launch our new preprint journal club platform!

Why Preprint Journal Clubs?

Preprint journal clubs are a great way to keep abreast of cutting edge research in your field, and also provide feedback at a stage when it can still be used to improve the manuscript.  In other words:

“For authors, one of the most exciting potential benefits of preprints is the ability to attract early feedback from broad and diverse sources during the preparation of a scientific manuscript. Preprint journal clubs can provide this input – and a more meaningful review experience for their own members as well.”

–  Jessica Polka,

For more information on the benefits of starting a preprint journal club, along with information and advice on running a journal club. see the ASAPbio Preprint Journal Club page organised by Daniela Saderi and Samantha Hindle.

How does support preprint journal clubs?

PreprintJC provides a platform for writing and sharing journal club review of preprints. In particular it facilitates:

  1. creating an online presence for your preprint journal club and listing journal club members;
  2. getting notifications of the latest preprints in your area of research, using our preprint theme pages:;
  3. collaboratively bookmarking preprints of interest (bookmarks are shared by all members of a journal club);
  4. posting the review comments to the authors;
  5. posting comments publicly (either immediately or after authors have written a response);
  6. authors  posting their response to the review (which is displayed together with the review);
  7. keeping a record of all journal club reviews, e.g.


How does it differ from Academic Karma? is built on the same platform as Academic Karma.  Essentially provides extra functionality to help facilitate journal club preprint peer review, rather than just single-person peer review.


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